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Token Tray (Left):

- Drag tokens onto the character sheet to track temporary stat changes

- Clicking tokens flips them

- Tokens cannot be saved

Character Sheet:

- Change stats by clicking and dragging the number up or down or on a touch screen device by swiping the number up and down

- Change your character name, weapon specialization, fighting arts, disorders, and abilities & impairments by clicking on them and typing

- Click on any black check box to check or uncheck it

Control Panel (Right):

- "Save" a character sheet by clicking the "Get URL" button and copying and pasting the URL somewhere safe

- "Load" a character sheet by entering a saved URL into your web browser

Set your survivor image by doing one of the following:

1. Type in the name of a KD:M character.

  For example: Erza, Zachary, Allister, or Lucy

2. Type in a KD:M characters name or code in brakets after your survivors name.

  For example: My Survivor [Erza], My Survivor [S3], or My Survivor [P5]

3. Type in a image url in curly bracket after your survivors name.

  For example: My Survivor {http://www.website.com/image.png}


Hide Tokens
Reset Tokens